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Vaulted Oak provides reliable
support & maintenance for your website.

Shopify & Shopify Plus / WordPress

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Simple & Straightforward Pricing Plans

We offer options for a bucket of hours that can be used each quarter. All plans have a 6-month minimum (2 quarters) with no roll-over hours.

Quarterly 25

25 hours/quarter

Quarterly 50

50 hours/quarter

Quarterly 100

100 hours/quarter

Quarterly 150

150 hours/quarter

For select situations, we offer a Pay As You Go 10-Hour option for $2,250 ($225/hour). Contact us for details.

What’s Included in Support & Maintenance?

We’re able to handle a wide variety of tasks to support & maintain your website. The following are the most common types of work we perform for our clients:

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Troubleshooting website issues

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System & app upgrades

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Browser compatibility fixes

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Content edits and population

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New web pages or templates

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New website features

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3rd party software integrations

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On-page SEO

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ADA compliance remediation

Enduring Relationships with Great Organizations

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients.

Backed by a Trusted Entity

Vaulted Oak is part of Barrel Holdings and a closely affiliated sibling agency to Barrel, a leading digital agency focused on direct-to-consumer experience design. The group brings over 15 years of experience helping companies scale, maintain, and evolve their digital properties.

thumbnails of different website headers
thumbnails of different website headers